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Strand AMC effects Module


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I'm doing a show in October.

The theatre has a Strand AMC desk.

Some flashing lights would be nice. (So says the director!)

The Strand archive mentions that there is an effects module option. Can an effects module be added to an existing desk? I presume the output of the desk is hard wired, not multiplexed. Is that correct?

Has anyone got an AMC effects module they no longer need?

Any help appreciated, as I have not used one of these desks before.

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Hard wired, and -10v.


I've not heard of an effects unit, the only option that I was aware of was a timed master panel. I've still got the Strand sales blurb, and no mention there either.


In use it's not difficult (if you remember using non-memory boards). Lots of grouping functions and FOH inhibit make it pretty flexible.


If you really needed flashing, perhaps you could make up something with push buttons and diodes....

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There was indeed an effects panel option for the AMC - similar in style and functionailty to the very early Galaxy effects panels (before the programmable effects panel came along), but with nine groups rather than the Galaxy's ten (AMC has three presets, with three groups each, and with each group assignable to various effects functions.


However, I don't even know of any venues which have an AMC desk, let alone one with an effects panel. I reckon your only possibilities (and they're slim ones!) are either Jason Williams' NEET project, or Jim Laws (don't have his contact details to hand, but I'm sure someone will be able to oblige).

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I can't help directly but I have an AMC desk (Manual master and 4 fader panels) with a full set of manuals. So If you are feeling particularly masochistic then I could probably scan / post you a photocopy of the original circuit diagram for the FX board . (Though I think that might infringe Strand's copyright - you might have to check with them)




PS - does anyone want a pile of AMC bits - most of it is mostly working...

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