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I recently perchased a Sweetlite lighting dongle and was having a play with it, I patched everything but the lights dont seem to do anything on the 3D vissuliser e.g. beams, colour, gobos.

I looked at the manual but that doesnt seem to help.

Any ideas ??????

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Do the addresses in Sweetlite match those of the fixtures in your visualiser? Also, are you using the same fixture mode in both pieces of software. Do all the lights have open shutter? Is the zoom full open?


I would start with some generics first if I were you, as these have less attributes, so you will be able to see if it's a patching problem, fixture mode problem etc.




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Sweetlight has a built in visualiser.


Have you checked the fixtures have a fixture type selected in Fixture viewer. It is in the middle of the screen at the top. If this is set to not in 3d view then it will not appear in 3d view.


Have you setup the positions of the fixtures in 3d view? Do the fixtures even appear when you right click in 3d view and select fixture settings? If the fixtures don't even appear in 3d view then this is a bug in the software and you need to launch the 3d view from within Builder.


That brings me onto my next point. Have you got 3d View enabled in Builder? If this is enabled the light will turn green above the button.


I don't think I have missed anything but try these first and when I'm at a PC with it installed I'll have a better look.



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