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Colour changing grass


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As Mr Jules indicates, start with white grass and light accordingly although I don't think that cheapo butchers grass comes in white unfortunately. Assuming you need the grass to be either green or blue at some point.


You cannot use light to turn mid green grass to blue because they are both light primary colours. Lighting primary green grass with a blue light will turn it dull black(ish). Lighting blue grass with green light has the same effect.

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I'd use THIS, that way it could be/turn into any colour you like. Bags of top light with side light for the turns.


That and strong LED cans / floods maybe? - Then its colour changing :) - And it could be slightly "glittery" if your going for that effect.



Failing that, you could actually dye the physical grass blue with food colouring or something? - Although im sure thats not what you were after ^_^


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Also I need to change a graffitid climbing frame to gold? this not as important.


Half graffitid and half gold? then flip it around in a blackout / interval or something?



Just a thought :unsure:

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Another vote for Mr Jules suggestion of white grass and coloured top light. Just to add that if you've got some birdies or something you could put along the front of the stage as footlights they might add to the authenticity by lighting the side of the grass as well as the top of it.


The side lighting of the actors is a good suggestion as front light would land on the grass itself, washing out the colour, whereas side light lands in the wings.

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