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Hi all,


Im just putting together my portfolio for my NYT interveiw tommorow :blink:


Ive got pictures of most major productiions ive done and I'm putting them in. A double page spread in a photography display book for each major production. However, ive done quite a few smaller productions/events. Should I just put a list of them in the front? Also, should I put in productions/events that im surrently in the process of doing? Ive got 1 event and 2 shows in the next 6 weeks. Should I bother putting them in?


Also, other than pictures on my lighting designs, what else should I put in? Ive lost most of my lighting plots, although to be honest, many of them are back of fag packet designs and are tweaked and adjusted as the rig goes up...


Anyone got any advice for my portfolio, or for the interveiw tommorow??


Many thanks, James


P.S. Anyone else got their interveiw tommorow at Holloway?? Ive got mine at 2. If ya spot me there, I dont bite so come and talk :P

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Haha, good luck mate, I did the 08 season. It was great fun.




Lighting designs of any sort are usually welcome, photos especially, and if you have a program to had then put that in for each relevant show. I arranged mine like so:


1) NYT letter

2) Cover Page (Name, Date Range and a single small picture in the middle)


For each show (everything is not always included)


1) Title, with brief description of the show, I usually do a brief sypnosis and a brief technical overview, I.e size of space, configuration, and VERY brief tech spec.

2) Plans / notes etc

3) Pictures (pictures with you at work are well liked)

4) Program


For other little shows I did a few four to a page pictures towards the back.


Dont forget, they dont want to be sitting reading for 20 minutes. You need to be able to talk to them, and "sell yourself" to them, using the portfolio as a demonstration / presentation medium






E2A: This is only one way of looking at it. There is no Right or Wrong. A lot of the other NYT crew will be along in a while to add their 2p

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We actually had a chat about what people should include in their interviews in a 'tech task force' meeting the other day at Hollaway rd.

The general opinion was that its not really what you include (although it is always really good to see what people are doing) but who you are and how you would fit in with the NYT ethic and vision. So just (at the risk of sounding cheesy) be youself and have a good time. My first season at NYT was 2006 and it was AMAZING, woudlent be doing what I am now if it wasnt for everyone down there!

Good luck! Post back how it all goes!

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Well I think it went pretty well... Despite walking right past the building on the way from holloway tube station and ending up sprinting back to the building and arriving to the interveiw covered in sweat I think it went well.


All the guys there seem really nice and seem to know what there doing ^_^


Cant wait for my letter to see if ive got a place, however if I do get a place ive gotta make a choice... :)


Expedition to Picos De Europa or NYT coursee :unsure:


Cheers to every one involved in NYT, looks like a really good organisation.



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