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Hi guys.


He's the thing. The head of music and the head spoke about the "issues" during the show - the head said that after our 15 mil refurb (lick of paint and a few new windows) there will be hardly nothing left for the hall (you know the one - the mini albert hall...


So he (the head) has told us to com up with a shopping list - that doesnt involve changing the structure (see told you all the roof would win every time) but would give us dogs dangley bits of a light rig and sound system.


I'm not too sure if this would also allow us to structurally change the lighting gantry or not... but






circular hall - domed wood roof (cant be touched)

stage extends into dome area 15ft - main body of stage ok


Light rig - circular with 3 bars for the stage.

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As previous posters have said every venue is different.


You really need to get companies in to assess the place and specify appropriate equipment based on your needs and wants.


It might be an idea to go to a neutral third party to get your venue specified, I know it'll cost more money unlike the free consultation that most companies will give you specifying their gear or whatever gear they make the most profit on.


But...It'll be neutral advice not biased towards particular brands.

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I agree that this isn't a "do it yourself" project. However, to point you in the right direction for your discussion on the sound side, based on this and your previous post, I think you should prioritise:


Whatever acoustic treatment you can afford for the hall, even if this is just thick curtains you can pull around,




Hung speakers with a known dispersion angle (and as tight as you can use with full coverage) aimed in such as way as to hit only the audience, not walls floor or ceiling



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You need someone with sufficient clout and standing with the head and governors for them to at least listen to (and hopefully accept) what he/she says about the acoustics of the space. We can suggest drapes etc. but this can exacerbate the nastier aspects of poor acoustics.


Unfortunately, such standing doesn't come from an internet forum ;-)


So just as everyone else has said / will say - you do need a good consultant to look at your space.

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Thanks for that...


What I was hoping for was pointers mainly towards the lights - Do we go LED or stay with traditional lamp... would a number of moving head units be advisable (I used to LJ in a nightclub - we had a mac that had a transmitter pack so that the mac followed the user) Things like that would make life easy when short handed on lights. and the moving head would allow us to program a nuber of configurations to suite our uses - audience towards the chapel - towards stage - angle to both - in the round etc.


What does a "normal" school have - what can we stick on the "wish list" are there things that we should look into to see if its useful


We have a meeting booked after the hols - and then we'll start getting people in...


If anyone knows of a company they work with now and would highly recommend let me know - the more the merrier.



Cheers in the mean time



Moderation: With respect, if you wanted suggestions on lighting, you didn't make that clear...and posting the topic in the SOUND forum probably added to the confusion. Normally we might just move the query but there are enough sound-related replies now that it's probably best to close this and let you open a new topic in Lighting...with a more specific question.

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