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Need guitar amp info


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A few simple, and common faults that come with amps being used and abused can be diagnosed by doing the following:


1. Check fuses. I know that might sound simple, but amps are often fused at various stages to protect very delicate electronics.

2. If they are valve amps, check the valves. Usually the first thing to go.

3. Open them up (disconnected from the mains) and look for anything obvious.

4. gently press the cone. If it sounds "crunchy", it's buggered.

5. A bit of switch cleaner in the knobs, and a quick check of the jack sockets for loose connections.


After that, it's off to your local guitar repair workshop. If you have to ask about basic repairs, it's going to be too advanced to change PCB components if needed. You can usually get an amp serviced for around £30 - £50 depending on it's problems.

Good luck with it.

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