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Maximum length of a 5 - Pin Din cable.


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Quite a simple question I hope. What is the maximum length of a 5-Pin Din cable can go ?. I will be using it on a Hazer controller. no DMX on this one :rolleyes:

Also does anyone know where I can get say a 20m - 30m cable ?


Thanks in advance. Alex.

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5pin Din is a connector, not a cable.


Maximum distance will depend on cable type, but pretty much anything will be fine on basic analogue control like this over 30m. DMX is only a recent technology and before that analogue control from FOH was common.


You can get cable along with connectors from all the usual places and make them yourself - ie. electronics or lighting supplier. You might not need all five pins connected. Any simple shielded cable will do. Ask them or Google about pre-made if you really need.


Note that many people replace the Din connectors with XLR for better durability and reliability.

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Dunk: help th' n00b, who are CPC please? (I've come across CTC...). I'm also looking for some of this at a reasonable price, in this case 2x30m for less than £100 if possible.


My alternative is jerry rigging a DIN socket and plug onto a suitable length DMX cable with its ends cut off and hoping I get the pinout right. Replacing the DIN connectors on the actual equipment with XLR isn't an option I'm afraid, and for now I'm stopping short of "ripping it apart and seeing how it works" :unsure: until I've exhausted the other options! An actual "MIDI" type cable would be the most pro looking solution to this dumb problem right now.


(Unfortunately no-one here has been able to put me on to anywhere that sells what we're after within budget, hence me both considering the homebrew route and having to beg off strangers)

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