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Just chosen IB choices, (A-level equivalent) which I will start next year. I do however have a few questions:


Higher Level: French, Maths, Music

Standard Level: Physics, Economics, English

(Grade-8 ABRSM distinction on 2 instruments)


I plan on "entering the industry" and am wondering what the best way will be to go around this (albeit in 2 1/2 years). I am most interested in Lighting Design, more specifically in Live Events (concerts etc..) as opposed to in a theatre.


Should I look on going to go on a course at one of the insitutions posted here: http://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=2946 or should I go straight into the industry as a tea maker / cable coiler..


-Will probably leave you seriously in debt after paying for accommodation, living expenses, course fees & materials etc


Luckily this won't apply to me, so if that would be a reason not to go, then there is no need to mention it.


At the moment I am working frequently in a hire warehouse for experience, and hope to get work experience with a professional lighting designer.




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The debate regarding going to college / university or working your way up through the ranks has been aired several times recently. Irrespective of that argument, I'd suggest that with some good grades the subjects you are taking in your Baccalaureate should get you onto a variety of degree level courses. Furthermore, I'd suggest that long term you will benefit considerably from a degree.



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Do you have a technician at school? They'll be able to offer you some sound advice. (It sounds like you pay to go there, that's why I ask!!)


My personal advice is to go for the degree. If you turn out to hate the hours/happen to be rubbish at what you do you have an out, as you can do a masters or your teacher training without much complication. Sign up with some lighting companies as a lot of them offer some sort of work experience, and things like Old Vic New Voices, because at this point in time no-one will care whether you want to do theatre or events and neither should you, just go and get some experience. Well done on getting what you have done so far by the way, I was a year into my degree before I got any work experience so you're definitely ahead of the game.


Screw the debt, they'll only take a little bit out of your paycheck eac month (depending how much you say you earn). Also you're pretty much guaranteed to get some action at uni unless you're a total recluse, or at worst some sort of meaningful relationship and a good group of like-minded friends who'll help out when your work is low.


Go for the degree, you won't regret it.

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