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6-Lamp Bars


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Hi All.


The title says it all really.


I'm sure it's been asked before, but how long is a standard 6 x PAR64 pre-assembled bar?


I have it in my head that it's 2.5m overall.


Is that right?


As far as I know the "standard" 6 lamp bar is 90"/7'6" long which translates to 2286mm. Caertainly when I've built them I've cut the scaff to 2260mm to allow for the thickness of the end bungs.





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2.3m is what I've always gone off.


Seems to be the standard length AFAIK (well ok rounded up slightly), which's inline with Glyn & timmath's measurements too, so I guess 2.3 (or there abouts, is the standard length).



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