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hearing aid loop cable


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we are having some new carpets put in and want to run a new hearing aid loop under the carpet.


we have them in most of are other rooms but not installed by me.


I have tried searching for it online but don't think I have the correct name.


whats it called? and any idea where the best place to get it would be?


thanks as always



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Using normal single core cable isn't really recommended, as it will "show through" and may eventually get damaged by footfall. If you are using gripper strip, it is possible to run the cable at the edge of this. The cable size needs to match the loop amp and area.


An alternative is to use copper foil tape (available from loop amp manufacturers and firms like CPC). This can sit under the carpet, but needs gaffer tape underneath if placed directly on concrete. It is advisable to put tape over the top. Ampetronic make some that has "hearing loop tape - do not cut" printed on it.


Unfortunately, carpet fitters have a habit of getting busy with their Stanley knives, and cut copper tape is very common. Some installers leave a small alarm connected to either end of the tape, so that if it does get cut, an audible warning sounds, and there's no doubt that the carpet fitter is at fault ;-)


Hope this helps,




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the flat copper stuff is what we have under all the rest of the carpets (and I know the carpet fitters cut thought at least 1 of them!!)


but I know the carpet fitter and will have a chat with him!!


he is going to scread the floors do I need to gaffa under it before I put the copper tape down the tape over the top.


we have a portable loop amp which I will get the details off to check what size I can cover with it.


http://www.commsandsound.com/flat3005-100m...pe-13683-0.html - this stuff correct?


as always thanks



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