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Truss sizes - European standard?


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I am touring a show to Europe from Australia later in the year (at this stage Brussels is confirmed, but possibly Linz and Paris as well). The show uses 12 sticks of truss. I am wanting to know whether box or tri truss is more commonly used in Europe and is 300mm readily available (standard in Oz)? We have some set elements that we are building and we would like to build the couplers to fit the most common size.





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300mm box wont be a problem - its very common, with Prolyte and Milos making 300mm amoungst others. 300mm pitch triangular will be more unusual, tends to be approx 250mm pitch before stockists go to box truss ( although you do see 500mm triangular occasionally)


so, im sure you will be fine - a couple of enquiry emails to local hire companies / venues will soon sort you out

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