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FOH sound distribution


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I have been asked to renovate our FOH, foyer and bar announcement system.


I'm looking for a sound distribution unit to take one input and feed that to several speakers in our FOH. I've looked at the Drawmer DA-6 distribution amp but it doesn't have integrated power amps.


I'd like to have an 'all-in-one' system that has integrated power amps as I will only need around 50w per channel I would have thought there would be a product out there to suit. I've not been able to find one yet.


Can anyone advise?



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I know it's often thought of as old technology, but the 100V line system got to be popular because it is simple to implement - each speaker has a transformer in which can be tapped to set the level in that area. There are loads of amps and speakers still in production. RCF make a huge range of 100V stuff, as do Toa. If it's not required to provide club type SPLs, then it may be worth a look.
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DOn't know how many zones or speakers you are looking for but I can always recommend Cloud Electronics products for simple zoning projects see http://www.cloud.co.uk/integratedzonemixeramp-23.asp which might do everything you want to do. Even can be mounted away somewhere and simple remote volume plates mounted at appropriate locations for local control.


Beyond that check out Australian Monitor product.


Hope that helps



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