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Which Video Camera ?


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Hi All,


I am looking to purchase a professional video camera to use at weddings and to also shoot promotional videos...


I have looked at various options






or Canon XL 1


What do you think anout the above cameras??


Can you reccomend any others ?


Im looking to spend between £500 - £1200 , Im quite happy to buy secondhand....


Also os JVC a good prosumer make to consider ???


Your advice is welcomed



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Of course, if you're looking for a pro camera to shoot with, surely the lack of XLR and DVCAM is actually a fairly big minus? Certainly would be in my book. The best way to pick a camera is to handle it - JVC are a respectable brand, as are Canon and Sony. All three have the odd camera that's to be avoided (ie, the HD1000).


The Sony HD1000 is a camera to avoid. This has come up here before - it has extremely bad build quality, and definitely isn't a camera to be travelling with. The XL1 is a proven camera with a solid history. If you're looking for a cheap, but well made DV camera it's definitely one to consider.


I think you should decide whether or not you want an HD camera or not before getting into model specifics. There are solid arguments for and against going HD - once you have decided on that you'll be in a much better position to look at individual cameras.

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I always found that the XL1 and XL2 had the weirdest 'balance" - they weren't great for on-the-shoulder shooting, but also were a bit odd for low handheld shots too. YMMV, but do try before you buy one.


I'd favour a PD-170 or similar. (A good condition PD150 maybe.) I used to have an FX1, but they're actually a bit plasticky and the build quality is lacking IMO. PD-170s aren't exciting, but I think they're the best choice in this market.


Obviously, if you must have HD, then the choices narrow somewhat.

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