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Hi there people of blueroom,


Where do you reckon is the best place to get good crew swag such as good work pants, hoodies and most importantly good jackets. I quite fancy some new stuff for up and coming gigs and get fed up ruining a decent pair of jeans.

Trying to find some decent stuff embroidered with manufactures like XTA etc just to make it clear that I am a noiseboy!





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Agreed. If you work with a company, purchase and hire, or even just talk with them in depth about a product then they use it as a gesture to say thankyou and for additional advertising.


I have my Martin Jacket (audio that is) Some turbo stuff. A Sennheiser fleece, countless t shirts from lots of companies. Some even fit. My D&B one didn't though.... Large, come on I can't even get my arm in that.


However, don't take the p*ss with it. Contrary to popular belief, these companies aren't stupid. A tip to all the 14 year old on the forum. Funktion One know you haven't got £50,000 to spend and can you have a jacket.....

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Perhaps someone could explain to me the attraction of wearing 'swag'? Over the years I've been given loads of the stuff...


  • Tee shirts that are very ungenerous in their size claims.
  • Tee shirts made of so thin a material that your nipples show.
  • Polo shirts that look like sacks once you've washed them.
  • Fleece that look like crap the first time you wash them.
  • Hats, one size fits all, that don't.
  • Pens that work for about 30 seconds.
  • Lanyards. Sigh! How many of the things do you need?


...shall I go on? And these were swag given to someone who used to spend around £1million a year on kit.


What exactly does wearing the stuff say about the wearer...

  • I'm a cheapskate and won't spend £3 on a decent tee shirt? (Hint -you are)
  • I'm trying to impress girls by pretending I'm important. (Hint - they're not)
  • I think wearing it makes me look like I know what I'm doing. (Hint - it doesn't)
  • I think it looks cool. (Hint - you're not)


Seriously, I am interested in why people want the stuff.

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I agree with Brian,


I have loads of t-shirts & sweats from various places, (Most of them live in the bottom of my wardrobe)


The only ones that I wore were relevent to the tour / show I was working on, afterfinishing theygot washed and shoved into the wardrobe.


Occasionally I might dig out a shirt to wear as a casual under something else.


As for promotional swag, the last jacket I had, I paid for and that was from Celco (I used to like their boards).


And as Rob says about leathers, I get more intrest show in my tatty old (Ex NASA) leather bomber jacket.

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One of the best bits of swag I've had recently is half a dozen pencils from a Temp agency we use for holiday cover for the cleaners. They are soft enough to make a good mark on the page without being so soft you're constantly sharpening them, they have a built-in eraser, they are big enough to be easy to find. Perfect for "back of a fag packet" rig plans, doing sketches on a scale plan, marking bits of timber for cutting, penciling in meetings in the diary and a host of other uses. Beats the cr@p out of a thin T-shirt that's the wrong size and loses its colour at the first wash! :blink:
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I have countless t-shirts, jumpers, lanyards and all sorts of stuff from various companies I've dealth with / ended up meeting at tradeshows etc...the t-shirts come in handy at times for doing "dirty" work and under shirts/jumpers/whatnot, thats about it


I've had some good stuff (actually good quality, useful stuff) from IT related tradeshows / companies tho...


If you're looking for proper "work gear", then Snickers Workwear might be a company worth looking at

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The only piece of swag I wear are my martin T-shirts, because they are well made, generous in their sizing and yes, I am too cheap to go out any buy t-shirts for slumming round the place (that said, I try not to turn up to gigs wearing swag).


There are however 2 different types of swag - "Trade show swag" and "Good customer swag" - quality is miles appart - my Martin T-shirts are the latter...


Look at the numbers: Tradeshow stuff is bought in huge bulk - thousands - and of the thousands that get distributed, maybe 1% result in purchase.... Good customers though, especially in this industry, they have already purchased, and there is a good chance they will buy spares from you and come back for more... Generally you can afford to pay for semi-decent stuff in that situation.

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