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Moving Heads


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Hi does anyone know where I can get a pair of VERY CHEAP :D moving heads from they must work and be DMX I looked on ebay but no luck.


I suggest you search 'cheap moving head' here on the BR...

You'll get LOTS of interseting topics and get the result that unless you're talking Joe DJ type work, cheap movers are pretty cr @p on the whole and not worth even considering!

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I've got 10 mint condition Mac 600s that I'm looking for a £20 each for, or £150 all in.



Yeah right.


what sort of thing are you after other that 'cheap' 'moving head': Cheap and therefore rubbish; need servicing cheap; or what?

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OK if you think those moving heads are abit rubbish what lights would you suggest I buy I do alot of shows like talent shows, dance shows and concerts.


Michael, I would suggest, that if the best you can afford is cheap stuff from ebay, that you hire in the kit you need to do these shows instead.


Who / what are you? Are you the person lighting these events as part of the organisers, an existing hire company, or are you trying to start a hire company and these are the events you want to work on? More info on your background (basically as much as you feel comfortable giving on an internet forum), and budget will go a long way towards getting useful responses on here.


Edit: I see from your previous posts you've got a lighting hire company and you are 15/16. I would seriously recommend that if you're trying to start a business hire everything - get a good deal with a local supplier (they will give you a discount if you're going to bring them work) - and get yourself a reputation in the industry. Going into jobs with the cheapest bits of kit possible is not going to advance you in the industry or get you work. There are loads of threads, with loads of advice from people who've been there, on here.

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To elaborate a little more as to why cheap heads aren't worth the bother:

  • A number I've seen (especially when in that nastiest of combinations: started cheap and got old) rarely point the same way twice for the same input value. Whilst if sort of acceptable for disco (more sort of than acceptable at that) for any form of stage lighting this is no use.
  • The optics in them tend to be rather poor - noticeably less light output for a given wattage than there pricier cousins.
  • They'll break at an inopportune moment leaving you with out them.
  • Heads that smoke look bad in front of clients. :D

If I was you I'd go for: Some cheap second hand generics (which if they work and are safe will probably stay as such for years to come with out much effort). You know what size venues you expect to work in, so size the fixtures to suit. Think what lamps your designs (if you design as well?) typically utilise and try to get them OR lamps that can do that job and others e.g. a couple of small fresnals for stage washing duties in an art free making it all evenly bright manor, which could equally be arty coloured <<Odd direction of choice>>light. You'll want to do both at different times.


LED par's wouldn't go amiss ethier and you could buy respectable ones for the money you were trying to spend on rubbish movers.

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I believe there is a thread somewhere on this forum that contains a nice review of a similar LED mover. That, along with every other LED mover I've seen featuring gobos and such is no where near bright enough to compete with any other form of stage lighting. Though a great concept, and I can't wait until these LED movers are actually bright enough to be useful, but at this point your money would be better spend on a scanner, which will perform better than that LED mover for the same price.



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