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Can anyone help me to obtain some 1925ish newspapers, they can be copies but they need to look almost new for that era, and not some old yellowed originals. Some of the news companies do copies but they tend to be very expensive.

Thanks Martin

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The hovely people at Data Reprographics (www.datarepro.co.uk) will print anything you like onto newsprint. If you have the budget, you can 'hire' images from John Frost (www.johnfrostnewspapers.co.uk)


You can also get some information from the British Library section which specilaises in newspapers in Colindale in North London (Tel: +44 (0)20 7412 7353;

Email: newspaper@bl.uk)


Otherwise, it's blagging from other theatres or buying from Historic Newspapers and the like.


Hope that helps!



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