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Hi , Im from Spain (Madrid) and I would like to know some things about the Cirrus Low Smoke from The Effects Company . I would like to know how much time can the Supersmoke 1000 be working at FULL- 100% Output , or at which level it can work continuously. Does anybody know if it can also be used with the Supersmoke 3000? . Another question : which is the maximum area that the Cirrus+Supersmoke 1000 can cover? (is it a machine for small ,medium or big places??).

I send an email to the effects company and they told me that I had to talk to Martin Blake (the boss) . I called him over 5 times and a woman always told me that he was out.

I hope you can ask my questions . THANKS YOU VERY MUCH.

(If you can send me pics or videos using this machine , it will be very helpful for me)


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Hello, I own and use this combination.


the supersmoke 1000 is a superb little machine which I have found to be totally reliable. The machine will run continuously when set at 100%, but will limit and drop its output after a while as its block temperature falls

the machine will not stop, but seems to drop its output as required. In my book this is far better than having to run a machine at say 50% to avoid it stopping altogether


I have not used the 3000, so can not comment


The cirrus attachment is simple and easy to use, and works very well. I would say it is most suited to small / medium applications. I seem to get 45 - 50mins continuous running time of a large bottle of gas, so it costs about £1 per min to run + fluid.


So, in terms of engineering quality and reliability I would say that they are excellent. I would not partner the 3000 with the cirrus as the output of the smoke machine would be too great for the cirrus to cool properly.

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I own a few of these machines. I'll second the above comments in terms of good engineering, general usability and excellent gas efficiency. What I would say is, don't expect too much in the way of after sales service...
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