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Arkaos Products for Projection / Digital Lighting


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Hi guys,


I have a couple of questions regarding Arkaos products and their use with digital lights.


Has anyone done this? Most D.L. manufacturers have their own media servers (either standalone or integrated into the fixtures), but Arkaos - for the price - seem to have some good stuff.


I also can't work out (apart from DMX support on VJ DMX) the difference between GrandVJ and VJ DMX. GrandVJ seems to be a much newer product, and it's marketed as having "all new" effects etc. Whether that is compared to VJ DMX (3.6.51 - a 2007 release) I don't know.


The difference of around 400 Euros between the 2 programs seems quite significant to only add DMX support and be an older product... I can't find any comparison of features on their website.





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