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Sanyo PLC-XU88/Network control

Ken Coker

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Dear All


Does anyone know if one can run multiple XU88s on a network from one PC?

I'm imagining the projector comes with software that allows one to allocate an IP address to it, I just need to know if one can allocate multiple IP addresses from it. If I can do this, then all I actually want to do is issue "Lamp on/off" commands that the manual implies I can do.


I have the user manual, but I think there is a separate network manual not on the web.

I've also left voicemail at my Sanyo contact - it is, however, Friday afternoon.







Have just found the rather cheery 144 page network manual - http://tinyurl.com/b6p7kj

Should keep me busy....


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Hmm...page 81 tells me I can.


If anyone has actually done this, I'd be happy to hear from them.





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haven't done it with sanyo's but have with Christies, Barcos and Panasonics...I think you may find that the projector will have a webpage control software onboard, you just probably need to set the Ip address (via the projectors menu's) and input that in your browser and bobs your uncle..like I say I'm guessing as haven't used sanyo's over a network, but I am assuming its much the same as other projectors I've used via ethernet. (Barco's are the only ones I've used which require you to install a seperate piece of software (Barco Toolset))



hope it helps a little.

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