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Say I wanted to reduce line level voltage


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Ok, got a rather strange problem... where in one of the OB trucks, we are taking the master audio from a DA and sending it directly to 2 self powered monitors which dont have gain control..



as such its a little noisy!!


Technically I know I can add resistors to the input of the monitors.. but whats the best way to work this out.. .I´m guess half or a third will be sufficient as its pretty much competting with a disco and the DA has those outputs set to the lowest level!

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Would it not make more sense to run the audio through either a small desk or something like this to enable you to have control of the volume?




yes, perfect sense....


however there are none free to use in the company at the moment and due to the "crisis" our mandate is to complete the ob truck with zero euros, using only what we find....


In the future, yes it will have a small mixer, as at the moment the monitors can only handle the programe output, they cant output preview from (eg) a sat truck etc..

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