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canford Tecpro


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Hey all,

Hope everyone had a good christmas and new years..... Im looking for someone in the Leicester area who has a basestation that will power Canford Tecpro Headset. Ive got 5 packs and 5 headsets that I need to Test and was hoping to find someone who would let me just come and test them for 30mins or so if you could help me that would be great

Best Regards


Sam Lynam

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You should be able to test them with anything you have lying around that can produce 24v DC, a bench/lab power supply, a couple of 12v bateries in series, +and- 12v rails from a PC (-12v blue wire, +12v yellow wire).


Just connect all your packs together with 3 pin XLR, and make a bodge lead to connect +24v to pin 2 and 0v to pin 1 on the last pack. They should then be able to talk to each other.


Usual disclaimer: If you're not confident about wiring it, don't do it!

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