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Showtec Multi-Exchanger


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Hi guys,


Anyone know where I can get a manual for the Showtec multi-exchanger? http://www.highlite.nl/index.php/highlite/...multi_exchanger



According to the downloads secions of their site, the manuals are on the product pages but that one doesn't appear to have one!










EDIT seem to have found one: http://www.showfotos.nl/manuals/SHOWTEC%20...Exchanger-E.pdf



However I still have a question. According to the order codes there is a 3 pin and 5 pin version. Why does the picture show one with both on? Photoshopped so people can see both versions or will it just ship with both but only one will be connected up?

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I know it is a bit of an old post now, for future reference with the showtec demux both the 3 and the 5 pin XLRs are connected, I have been using mine to patch in a 3 pin today without any problems.
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