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Recyclable Seating

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This may sound like a strange idea and I'm sure people will give me loads of reasons why the initial idea won't work, but I'm looking for some lateral thinking on this one.


For an outdoor event involving young people (12 days) there are a number of simple stages around site and rather than having chairs around, it has been suggested that Hay or Straw bales would be a good ideas. These could then be arranged in any format, to watch what's happening on the stage or in groups for other activities or just to "chill out". The groups of people around the stages won't be more than 100 or so, and it was envisaged that some would chose to sit on the grass or bring there own chairs etc. The other aspect to the hay/straw is that it is a natural resource and can be utilised after the event, by giving it to a farmer or riding stables.


Disadvantages, Fire risk, mess when the bales break up, biological hazard, lifting and handling by young people and I'm sure more.


The challenge is though to support the original idea, but come up with an alternative that is flexible and recyclable!


Any ideas welcome! :angry:

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what sort of atmosphere are you trying to generate? what sort of acts are they? What location (roughly) is it taking place at? There are many ways of doing it, you would just need to balance those answers before you work on the idea...


It's all a mind game... I think it would be quite easy to do, and if you drop me an answer then I can hopefully make a suggestion, how weird and wacky do you want it though? or do you want it simple and boring?


JoHn -- Venture

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