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NYT interveiws... Where??


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Hi all. Im currently thinking off applying for an interveiw for the national youth theatre. But the question is where to go to for it. Im based near cambridge so the 2 choices for me is to either go to norwich or to go to london.


Is there going to be any advantage to going to London over norwich as norwich is probably going to be easier to get to from where im based.


Cheers in advace, James


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Done it :P Going to norwich and it seems like one other person is as well at the moment :)


Made the right choice??



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Absolutely 100% yes. I couldn't comment on the location of your interview, and I don't think it really makes a huge amount of difference, but I did NYT last summer and loved every second!


Good luck with the interview - what are you applying to do? Sound and Lighting?


All the best,



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Yep, Lighting and sound :D I cant wait if I get past the interveiws. How long is the induction for?? A week?? And is it down in London?? And do you get given the dates when you go for your interveiw??


So many questions... Need to get a portfolio done soon though :unsure:


Cheers, James

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Hi James,


I was in Lighting and Sound in 2007 and Easter Bites in 2008- Good luck!


Where you're interview is doesn't matter, but obviously each of the different interviewers work in different departments, so may need a different approach!


The induction is for 2 weeks, and then you can stay on for as long as you want/can afford to. The induction usually starts the start of the second week of july, but you aren't told the dates until you are given a place.


You don't have to have a portfolio - it's just another talking point, and a way to prove you're not just spouting crap.


By the way, there's another topic about the NYT, I think called National Youth Theatre (surprisingly!) that will probably answer some of the other questions you have.





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Hi I would just like to carry on this post. I am currently just looking into applying for one of the interviews at NYT in Edinburgh as I have been advised it is a good thing to do.


I am just wondering what is it that you do (if you get accepted)? Can’t seem to find out on the website any specifics.


Or from peoples past experience what did they to? Their likes and dislikes?



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If you get accepted, the routine is pretty much the same for all departments (though they do vary slightly)


Before the season starts, you will get a letter asking how long you can stay on for.

Weeks 1+2 = Introduction, Training, Getting to know people. A pretty relaxed 2 weeks!

At the end of week 2, you will be asked/told what shows you will be working on, and in what capacity.

Weeks 3 - end of season = working on shows. The longer you stay, the more shows you work on. For example, I was there for 8 weeks (including Induction), and worked on 4 different productions, at three different venues.


Roles Available

Electrics (Lighting, Sound and Video)


Sound Designer

Sound Operator

Lighting Operator - LD is usually a professional or member of NYT staff.

Video Operator


Stage Management

In your first year, you will usually be an ASM for rehearsals or productions. If you stay on longer, you may get to work as DSM. SM is usually a 2nd or 3rd year, or a member of NYT staff.


Wardrobe or Workshop

Creating costumes/sets, guided and directed by NYT staff.





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I would say to anyone applying, take a small portfolio of photos things you've done - even if you're a sound person, just producing that makes you think about the previous experience you've had, and all the things you may've done. I took along a sheet of A3 paper with photos stuck on it, nothing special, but it jogged my memory in the interview of all that I have done and was a great starting point for where I'm coming from - the majority of the photos I did sound or video in (which is fairly hard to show in a photo), but having a photo of the production meant I could use it as a basis to talk about previous experience and what I want to learn from NYT, and what I have to offer to NYT. They're very nice, it's nothing big or scary!
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Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but my interview is on Thursday and I am starting to think about the details. I am bringing a copy of my CV and photos of shows I have lit, and also a file of marked scripts, lighting designs etc that I have collected over time.


2 Questions:

1) Does anyone have any tips for me? Things to bring, things to say, things not to say etc. I know that they are more interested in attitude than experience, so I shall be on my best behaviour http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif

2) What should I wear? I know it sounds stupid, but I don't want to give the wrong impression! Stage blacks? Smart/casual?


Any tips are greatly received; I really hope I get in!!!!

Many Thanks,


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