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DI Boxes

Bothy Cat

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Hi there, just looking for a bit of guidance. We are going to be doing sound foh for our band for the first time and have a multi core etc but will require to purchase 3 DI boxes, 2 for our fiddle players and 1 for our accoustic guitarist.


Can anybody give some advice as to what would be the best options make/models - budget probably up to £200-£250 for the 3 or less if poss.


The fiddles have fishman pickups with quarter inch jack sockets, and they then each plug into fishman pre-amps.


cheers & festive greetings to all


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Well I will start at the bottom of the ladder and work up,




On the bottom rung of the ladder you cant go far wrong with the Behringer DI100 for about £30




Just avoid the DI20 they are not very nice at all IMHO




Next up would be the BSS AR133 for about £100 per box.




Again really nice boxes but I personally struggle to justify the extra cost if I don’t have to meet riders.




As a left wing option why not look at a DI unit that is rack mounted? Behringer do a really cheep one for about £55 or something a little more up market






If it was my money I would be quite happy getting 3 of the Behringer DI100s and keeping the extra money for another purchase. I own about 4 of the DI100s and 2 AR133s and its hard to tell them apart sound wise

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Moderation: if the info above doesn't help, this topic might be a good place to start. The search function on each page will allow you to search through the topics covered on the BR over the years, this one has been covered many time - so if the link here doesn't help, there are dozens or useful topics that appear when you look at the results of "DI" put into the box. I'll close this now.






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