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Scenic paint (and lack of size)

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I think we may have done this in the past, but can't find anything (search terms too vague)


Does anyone know a way out of the mess our panto painter has got herself in? She mixed up some powder white to use as a base, and didn't add size. It is now busily throwing itself around the theatre in it's haste to leave the cloth.


The question is, is there any way to apply a size to it without scrubbing the whole thing off and starting again (time you see...)


As in the sub-title, I don't do paint, so be gentle! :rolleyes:

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I think the lack of answers tells you all you need to know.


It's not my speciality either but as the size is what glues the pigment to the canvas I think that what ever you apply over the pigment will continue to flake off. Doing anything other than scrubbing it all off is probably just waisting even more time.


Sorry I wish I could have said something more supportive.

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