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Strand 300


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I cant remember if it was here, or on ABTT. But on our stand 300 our panel setup is all wrong.. and I know that you have to go to advance setup --> and panel setup.. but what do you do from there. theres two options re-scan or save and exit.

I suppose it is re-scan if so will it just re-scan the whole layout and then put them into a more suitable order?



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the chances are if somthing is wrong then somone has set it up then changed it, if you tell it to re scan this should sort it out, if not post what the problems are and im sure someone here will help



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what exactly is wrong with the panel layout? Never had any surpises from my one.

Ok well we had a startup error with the desk, and it was taken away and they gave us another system and I connected it all to the desk, and then I noticed that the all the channels were diffrent on the manual I.e I slide up channel one were it formally was and it brough up 15. So I then went throught all of the channels and wrote all the new channels under them. But now I do need it sorted because its very un-helpful to find the channel I want quickly.

I would have just pressed rescan but I dont know what will happen and I cant screw anyting up now as the desk has to be used for progamming on sunday!


Thanks for people replies.



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ah - a lot depends on which version of the 300 you have - I'm assuming you have a 48 using the subs as essentially a 2 preset desk. I thought you meant actual functions had changed. with the start up error, you've had a standby cpu and kept your subs/master panel? probably all you need to do is look at the setup page and check the system thinks it has the correct bits attached - look for number of screens - panels etc. You may have just loaded up the previous users favourite setup - the fader number/channel problem could be as simple as a redirected patch - look and see if the patch is a 1 to 1 or modified one. We have a very strange one at our theatre to cope with ancient dimmers repatched physically all over the place and the desk patch just restores some sense to the numbering system.


If everything is in order patch and set-up wise and odd things happen maybe your fault wasn't in the cpu and is the actual control surface?



or have I got completely the wrong end of the stick?

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