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Genius or insanity  

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I didn't really notice anything that the Vista could do that a Hog3, Maxxyz or Diamond4 couldnt. Timelines are nothing new - the Zero88 Illusion had them years ago. True, its a clever bit of kit, but I imagine fairly expensive to replace that huge touch screen if someone drops something on it. Personally I think Avo have got the right idea with their D4s - they're rugged, the components on the control surface are easy to maintain, and they run software familiar to many console operators already. The Vista didn't seem anything special to me.
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The only major problem with the AVO D4 is that if you crash the software you lose the console. ( it is windows based )


I think the Vector has the right ideas personally, although it runs embedded win xp, it has two processors, the windows processor and the real time processor, realtime for DMX and desk functionality, and windows for visualisation and screens output, so if you crash the software you dont lose operation of the desk, and the os reboots automatically. All desk functions operate as normal if the os goes down. We havent crashed one yet and they are nice desks to use!

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I have used the D4 and IIRC, The desk basicazlly is a giant fader wing, if the software crashes you have tyo restart it to change the state, although it does hold the DMX values. To re-boot the software is a 10Sec job, however if the OS crashes you have problems... However I never sucsefully crashed the OS, although it took quite a punisment.
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I am suprised to see an option in the poll called "to different to catch on." What people fail to realise is that when the HOG II came out it was an entirely new concept and different from anything else on the market but rose to become probably the best selling console of it s era.


As far as being able to compare the Vista to the other consoles mentioned earlier, Believe me you CANNOT. Having used the Vista, I will guarantee that programming time can be halved by using the Vista. It will take less than a day's training to give you enough knowledge to program your show yourself. Its simple and intuitive and extremely powerful.


Finally just to set the record straight the Vista's main screen is NOT a touch screen, but a 15" pen tablet screen, the type graphic artists use, and therefore extremely hardwaring yet as sensitive if not more so than a touch screen.



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With the compareing of different desks, is the a site that had a list of all the desks from all companys made in both DMX and analouge that compares there qualities both good and bad?

It's not quite as straight forward as that. Different people have different ideas of what makes a console good and bad and different applications require different functions from a control system.


The only real way to decide on the best console for you is look at what is available in the market at the price you want to pay, decide on what features are essential to you, get a demo and if you like it, try it out on a show.


I have always worked on the basis that few companies produce a really bad console, otherwise they wouldn't be in business for long, but one console might appear bad to one user and another will rave about the same console.

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get a demo


I have to agree with Andy, looking only at the specification and price does not prepare you for how the console operates. There are some very "cost effective" desks on the market that will please the accountants but will be hated by the technicians.


Also when you have innovations such as those in the Jands Vista you need to see how it works, even the best brochure can't do that.

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how much does the vista cost out of interest?? Also how much would a HOG II cost?? just to compare

All the current desks of the Vista type i.e. MAXXYZ, Hog 3, Vector are in the over £20k price bracket, subject to whatever discount you can squeeze, there isn't a great deal between any of them on price.

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All the current desks of the Vista type i.e. MAXXYZ, Hog 3, Vector are in the over £20k price bracket,


We are yet to finally confirm the list prices of the Vista consoles, but they are expected to be £15, 800 for the Vista T4 , and £11, 900 for the Vista T2. As you can see substantally less than anyone has expected.


We currently beta testing version 1 software, and are anticipating having both shipable hardware and software in early august. Expect a PC version and Offline editor at the same time, with a Mac verison (running in native OS) and "wings" released over the next few months.


For those of you who are interested in having a proper look at the Vista, we will be offering demonstration days starting later in July, so keep an eye on our website at www.aclighting.com for more details, or drop me an email.


For more information on the Vista have a look at www.jandsvista.com.





Neil Vann

Technical Sales and Support

AC Lighting



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