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Scanner stepper motor broken...


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HI there,


I have a Geni Shiva Scanner and the pan is working but the tilt isnt working anymore. Does anyone know a quick fix for this? I can hear the tilt working and it will shake and try to get to position but it seems to have lost traction to a cog or something and will refuse to do a full rotation..


Thanks v much for any help.

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May or may not be relevent to your equipment, but I once had a similar problem with a MAC250. With that it was the motor driver chip that had died. A stepper motor uses multiple magnetic field coils to rotate the rotor a known fraction of a revolution (Wikipedia). Each coil is driven by the chip (in the case of a MAC250 I think it's an NJM3772). If one channel (ie; electromagnet) fails, the rotor will simply rotate back in the opposite direction to allign the nearest poles. The easiest way to check if it really is the motor, is the swap the pan and tilt motor drive leads around. That way, it will tilt but not pan.


Obviously, this is assuming that the pan and tilt motors, the driver circuits, and the connections for the motors, are all the same.


If you find it is the chip, some aren't widely available, and I found that in the UK, only RS

seemed to stock the chip I needed. Also, the original chips were marked as PBL3772, but Ericsson had discontinued production, and New Japan Radio had taken over, meaning the first three letters changed from PBL to NJM!...

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