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Vari-lite hire


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I'm looking to get a quote on 16 vari-lite 3000 profiles, some circular trusses and all the rigging & power bits to make it work. (It's a weeks hire in Feb)

My first thoughts of a supplier to ask for a quote is PRG, but is their anyone else worth looking into for that type of kit?

I'm midlands based but the job is in Berlin, we would even consider a local supplier although we currently have no contacts in Germany.


Any reccomendations?

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Hi there,

We also stock the VL3000's feel free to PM me or visit our website www.blueparrotevents.com, we'd be happy to discuss your needs.


Apologies to the moderator if this sort of self promotion is not appropriate.



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The only thing is that you will be paying for trucking costs to Germany...


Is using local suppliers an option, such as Procon and some of the German suppliers?


By the time you have 16 Vl3Ks, Truss, Motors, Rigging, Distro, Cable and any generics etc, your well over a Sprinter/Luton weight. Depending how much extra truss you have you may even be over a 7.5T.


I guess if you can drive a 7.5T then you have no worries - but if you can't I wouldn't want 16 VLs in boxes, Truss, Motors, Distro and cable in a 3.5T van - your really pushing it, considering that typically 1.5T is your lot including passengers, and a weeks luggage..

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