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Zero88 Sirius 500 autosave problem


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I've been using this desk for quite a while by now but some time ago it just would not remember programmes I've made any more... I have tried to upgrade the software to R 3.9 and delete all old memories, config giles in DOS but the problem remains.... even with fresh setup... hard drive seems to be OK, there aren't any errors, I have scanned it with chkdsk and scandisk.


Autosave function (recovery) is on and it should work but it does not... for a while I did not bother too much about that. When I was done with programing I just saved my work to an empty floppy, but it started to bother me for the last few weeks because this is not the way this desk should respond.... and I can't find out what's wrong :(


The desk does however store DMX setup and fixture config without problem....


Anyone seen something like this happen?




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