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c-audio multi-function crossover


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Does anybody have any data on the C-Audio MFC multi-function crossover/limiter and its replaceable cards. I have recently acquired one of these loaded with P1064 (iss 1) cards, but despite having the original manual for the unit can find no data on the crossover frequencies.


I guess I could spend at while with a reference mic and RTA getting some idea but I wondered if anyone has any data for these.



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Lee Basham, who used to run the C-Audio Service department might be of help. He sometimes lurks here on the board. Look for his profile lee.basham


If anyone can help he can.


And talking of great British brands that have been sucked up and spat out by large multinationals have you seen the news about Soundcraft http://prosoundnewseurope.com/index.php?op...22&Itemid=1


Oh no sorry, its a restructuring..........



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