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AKG D 310S


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Hi just want your opinions on the AKG D310S.


just aquired 2 of these mics.


What application are they intended for ??

Someone compared them to sm57`s


We wish to use them for vocals in a studio situation and for spoken word>


Also a few months ago I bought some Shure C606`s , only cost £6 each plus vat..


Really impressed with perfornance and quality considering cheap price point ..




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The 310 (and 320 & 330 ) were quite respectable vocal / instruments mics in the 70s and 80s (ish). You may well find some online videos of Abba using the 330 as a vocal mic.


I had a brace of them, but some oik nicked them from a locked room at Minehead Butlins. I still miss them ;-)



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