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Sony MDM-X4


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I used one of those for a short while back in the mid 1990s just before I discovered Cooledit and became forever hooked on computer based recording. My distant memory is that it worked very well and I still have some effects recordings I made on the multitrack MD then dubbed to computer hard drive. They stand up pretty well.


One word of warning though...they don't use standard minidisks (which are hard enough to buy these days) but, rather, something called a "Data minidisk". I have no idea if these are still available but if I were you I'd check on this before parting with any cash.


A second warning...there's a pretty good chance the device you buy will be around 10 (or more) years old. Make sure it works and don't expect a long life. Capacitors, drive belts, etc etc. all get old.



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