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Ian Paisley Latex Mask


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If anybody has one of those rubber latex style masks of Ian Paisley - and is willing to post it, I'd love to buy it!


They are really impossible to get. Google shows loads of places, but most are referral sites leading back to a company who doesn't have one, and just refunded my money, forgetting to actually tell me it's not coming. I've tried calling every Google hit, with no luck. It seems they all used to sell them, but now he's retired, they aren't being made any longer.


I've got £25 refunded to me, waiting to pass on to anyone who can pop one in the post!




(small amount of concern in voice)

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Perhaps I should mention that where I am at the moment, Guinness seems popular, the boy band in the show are called BT4, and the theatre needed a new roof when it blew off (or was blown off) a few years ago. If you haven't worked it out, I'm in Belfast, and one of the gags involves a mask of Ian Paisley - which by all accounts is now perfectly OK.


Boatman - thanks for the links, but I've pretty well given up buying one here. Now IP has retired, people have stopped using him as a figure of fun, and a couple of the likely places I've tried told me the factory just stopped making them. A few still have them listed, but have no stock - and I'm doing well for credit card refunds.


Thanks all

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Try Tam Shepherd's in Glasgow (Queen Street), who might have one in their stockroom (certainly they have a lot of latex masks, some of them look like they've been there a while....)


The proprietor is Roy Walton, an incredible Card Magician who never performs for the lay public.

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