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Lavalier radio mic system recommendations sought


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Another recommendation based on my experience, if you want quality on a budget, are the JTS systems.


Look at www.handheldaudio.co.uk or www.bluearan.co.uk, along with other places that stock them.


We've been using 2 handheld and 2 lavs from the 950 series. GBP 220 for the handheld (shop around and you can probably get this to GBP 200 delivered) to GBP 245 for the lavs. There are the more expensive and flexible 100 series as well (GBP 260 handheld to GBP 280 lav).


We've racked this up with a couple of rack adapters (GBP 20 each) and a fabbo antenna/power distribution system (GBP250) which makes a dead tidy result.


The handhelds are pretty good quality, and the CM201 lav mics are fantastic, and only about GBP30 if you need a replacement. The only probs I've had are the need to reterminate the lav mic leads a couple of times after extended user abuse (wrapping them round the bodypacks - grrr). The kit itself is very well built, and should see many years of service.


Yes you can see battery levels on the receivers - and this makes a real difference.


The other pro/con is about user operation. Many of the pro mics (like the Sennheisers) don't make it easy for the casual talent to turn the transmitter on/off. Now, in the pro environment, this is just perfect. But in the classic budget tight church market, often with dubious sound engineers, it can be much better if the talent turns their own mic on and off as needed. The JTS mics have a simple on/off switch (which doesn't create a loud pop, BTW).


The one design fault they have, in my view, is that there is no LED to display simply whether they're on or off - you have to look at the small, unilluminated LCD display. This is the only drawback I can find over them.

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At our church we use the Sennheiser EW100 system.


This system does have a basic form of battery indicator on the reciever display in that it flashes a battery indicator when the transmitter is nearly flat. What I do before giving it to the minister is turn the beltpack on and check that the display shows either three or two bars in the battery display on the beltpack which means that it should last. If there is only one bar showing I would replace the batteries before handing it to him. This avoids the system shutting down due to flat batteries. There isn't any difference in sound quality between the EW100 and the EW300 series.


You can download the instruction manual from here.


The EW100 lapel system can be purchased for around £370.



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Another vote for the JTS kit if you're on a budget. Nice kit FOR THE MONEY. I know the more expensive sennheiser gear is going to be of a higher standard, but so far I've had no problems with my 2 JTS receivers. I'm now looking for Sennheiser for my next pair, but that's mainly down to beltpack size and a slightly better performance when working with receivers t the back of the room working through an audience. Never been a problem with the JTS gear whilst I had decent aerials (Lintec Yagi on one side, dipole on the other, into an ADU).


The JTS gear appears to be a twin of the kit by Clock Audio. Not sure who the manufacturer is, or which will be cheaper.


Only occasional problem is the less standard 4 pin mini XLR for mic connection.

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I'm sorry, but the AKG's WMS400 is NOT comparable to the Sennheiser EW312 -


it is wrong to put the AKG WMS400 mics in the same league as the Sennheiser Evo 300s. While they might work if you can't afford better, spending more money will get better equipment. If you do a BR search on the AKG mics you will find several topics from people having problems---and some others urging caution when buying because the standard units cannot be tuned to the licence free UK frequencies--you can only use them if you pay extra to JFMG for the licence


I hate to love them!!!


I think for functionality they are very similar, the akg has colour changing lcd on the receivers for signal and battery, the akg has a handy IR function and auto scanning to set for freqs for you with out worring about IEMs and other radio equip.


They do have the 4 free UHF.


sonically maybe not the same as the senns but the difference to an average punter ain't noticable. they also max out at 16 usable freqs. the power button on the body packs and hand are to open to being turned off easy, (the body packs are ok then in pouches)


on another note the trantec s5.5 seem to be getting popluar.

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