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Suicidal HPL 575

la grande homme

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Now then,


Ushio have started making a new kind of HPL 575, with a ceramic base... only one problem... they fall out of Source Par fittings! Not such an issue in a S4 profile as they have those lovely little restraining arms but in the Par they plummet...


Having spoken to a certain large lighting company in womble land who sold me the errant item they tell me that they are OK once you get them into the lantern as the hole in the back of the lamp is smaller than the bulb base itself so they press against each other and it stays put...


They also agree however that this isn't much fun when up a ladder... :blink: WL were very good about it and replaced the bulb immediately so no gripe at them but damn those ushio designers and their (un)cunning...


Anyone else come across this yet?

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A very late reply to this.


I've been doing a lamp round on our S4 Pars today, with the recently arrived Ushio HPL+ lamps which la grande homme referrs to.


I've noticed exactly the same thing, but the strange thing is there is about a 50/50 split between it sitting snug in the lamp base and being loose. Still I found when in doubt, if I pushed it down very hard and then quickly put the lampburner back it was OK. Ours by the way are both the 750 and 575 variety.


Hopefully the lamps won't slip out just far enough to cause arcing across the pins, base etc.



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