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Bumping Chases on a Pearl


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I want to set up a chase on a pearl so that it will only advance to the next step of the chase when I press the relevant playback flash button.


I've fiddled around with turning links off and the fader stop/starts chase options but can't seem to get it to work.


Any ideas?

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All you have to do is unlink the steps and this should work.


Global (for individual steps use unfold):


Key to program.

C [edit times]

Playback SWOP

press G until [link = off]




Now playback Add will advance steps in run mode.


Note that there are some bugs which will stop the Add button from advancing, the most important being it will not work if you change page and the associated playback on this page does not contain a chase. Other occasions are when in certain menus. Also remember that if the chase contains intensity steps these will be flashed at the level of flash master. To avoid all these issues [connect] and use [go] instead.

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