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can I control njd quartets & datamoons 1 controller


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I may be asking to do the impossible. I have a function band. We currently use a pair of NJD quartets controlled by a NJD Logic 800s. This works very well for stage illumination, but I now want to illuminate the dancefloor. For this purpose I have bought a pair of NJD datamoons with the dedicated datacon 1 controller.

I've now realised that it would be handy to run both off one controller. I realise that I'll need a dimmer pack for the quartets. I've seen the Trancension CDP-405 dimmer pack advertised at around £55 which has bulgin outputs which would be ideal for the quartets, but the datamoons have 5pin sockets whereas the dimmer pack has 3 pin DMX.

Is there a DMX controller which could control both the datamoons and the Quartets (via this dimmer pack)? I suppose it's too much to hope that the hand held datacon controller would do the job.

Or can anyone please suggest an alternative way of combining these 2 systems without having to lay out too much more cash.

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The NJD datacon controller is connected via an RJ11 to DMX lead and is supplied as part of a Datamoon & Flightcase Package. Youd be better off with generic DMX desk and generic DMX dimmer pack like the one you suggested already.


The 3-pin dimmer pack and 5-pin datamoon are compatible, just ignore the extra 2 pins (4&5) on the 5-pin XLR and connect the others pin to pin making note where the screen and 2 cores go.


Generic controllers suitable for small band or disco come in all sizes and budgets and have either 3 or 5 pin outlets, the DMX data is still the same! You'll have to programme your own sequences though.


In other words, the Datacon controller, being pre-programmed for Datamoons, won't know what dimmer pack it's connected to and so won't know what colours to flash or light up in synchronism with the datamoons. It may be bodged to work by careful setting of the dimmerpack DMX addresses but the results will be a bit unpredictable.



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I think you're behind the times a bit there Roy! The modern Datamoon has a 5-pin XLR for DMX, this is also used for the Datacon hand controller which generates DMX due to the NJD outputting power for this on the 'spare' pins.


Very old Datamoons do have the stereo DMX 1/4in jack but they're obsolete now. The OP stated he had the Datacon controller which is for the modern types.


The 5-pin DIN socket is not for DMX, its purely analogue control and was designed to accept any analogue input and specifically an NJD non-DMX hand control...it gives limited control.


You could 'utilize' the 5-pin DIN on the 'moons but you'd need an analogue programmable, patcheable control desk and dimmer with analogue input in order to synchronise your Quartets with them. DMX is definitely the cheaper, simpler and more modern way to do it!

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Yep just use a basic generic DMX controller


just be careful as you need 'FADE' for your quartets but you do not want to fade

the control channels of the datamoon as it will look naff


a cheap and cheerfull option is the DMX1440 from stageline as it only costs around £100

and allows a good amount of channel control options


this way your quartets will dim when needed and you datamoons will change gobo, blackout etc

when needed


You could buy a more expensive/pro desk but for the use you suggest it may be overkill



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