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Crown Power for Nexo Alpha?


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Hi all,


We're considering, for one reason and another, buying a reasonable quantity of Nexo Alpha boxes - probably 12 x M3, 12 x B1 and 6 x S2 initially. The main hire users and installs of this kit I have seen tend to stick with Camco Vortex amps. We would like to hold onto our current stock of Crown MA3600s and MA5000s and use these. Is there a reason why Camco is always specced? The power certainly compares well so I can't see us running out of steam.


Having come from a d&b background we're used to the need for certain amps and processing to match the boxes. I assume that there's generally no need for the Vortex plug-in modules when using them with Nexo though, just a nice to have?


Thanks for any responses on this.

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I've run Nexo Alpha and Alpha E using Macrotech amps in times past. Nothing wrong with the combination and it works just fine. Use MA5000s on the B1 and S2, you can also use these on the MF for the M3 if you have enough. 3600vz on the M3 MF and HF though a 2402 works fine on the HF too.





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Nope, nowhere near but it would give us the option to use our existing PLXs for HF and monitors. Then we could use PL340s and PL380s for the rest. They're not a million miles away from the Vortex 4 and Vortex 6 in terms of power and weight but we haven't seen anyone using them with Alpha, hence the question.


I had a bad experience years ago when the original Powerlight came out. My boss at the time spepnt a bundle buying them to replace the old Peavey CSX series which weighed a ton due to the massive toroidal transformers. We ended up selling them after a few months at a massive loss. They just couldn't keep up with our Turbosound subs and even the twin 15s in the Mid-High boxes struggled.


These issues are probably sorted out now but it shows how a dodgy experience can put someone off for years to come.


More research required I think...


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Thanks for posting. That was our plan, we'll probably go with 3600s instead of the 2400. The cost and weight saving isn't really going to swing it and it gives a bit of headroom.


Thanks for the help guys.

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Yes you can run alpha of VZs and MTs and ill tell ya the sub is so much nicer of a VZ5000. One of the companies I do work for is just changing over to VZ5000 for B1+S2 and MT2400 + MT1200 for the tops.
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