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Backdrop - What do you think

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I have got to put on a children’s show that requires at least two backdrops (each approx 10 foot high x 20 to 40 foot wide), but unfortunately I have been let down with the loan of these two backdrops.


The show is in two weeks time.


The first backdrop is a Savannah Sunset something like this




I was thinking about trying to create a scene like this with gobo’s using


  • White backdrop
  • A couple of S4’s, orange gels with cloud gobos for the sunset.
  • I assume the jagged terrain can be set with two further gobos out in front of the cloud globos above.
  • Then a third S4 uses a tree gobo with a dark’ish brown gel.
  • As for the lions, as I don’t think it would be easy or cheap to find gobos with lions. So I think I will just forget them as they are not as important as the sunset.

As I don’t have a lot of experience using gobos, I would like peoples opinion as to if I am taking on something to ambitious?


As for the second backdrop this is just a jungle scene – something like the rainforest. Not many options here I think, I will have to go for a loan/hire unless anyone has got any other ideas?


Many thanks for your help.




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The GOBO idea may work but it could be very hard to pull off convincingly.


Also, where abouts in the world are you?


If everyone just put a City/County location in their profile it would make answering these type of questions easier as we might be able to suggest companies close to you.



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Smalljoshua, sorry I forgot to say.


I am in the High Wycombe area (South Buckinghamshire) not far from near London Heathrow. Also I have amended my profile to show location for the future.





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Two or three shaped flats freestanding away from the cyc made of MDF or like, two big trees, possibly one of animals. Paint the trees in a drab green so in profile it looks "dark"


For the Jungle scene light the flats - green trees are seen


For the sunset light the cyc with fire colours in patches, or use something like a VASI with a reflectorless linear halogen lamp and stripes of different colour gel/dichro.


Needs a lot of space and people may NOT use the projection space or there will be huge shaddows.

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Themadhippy and Jivemaster I have been experimenting with both of your suggestions today.


It looks like I might go with a little bit of both of you suggestions. Leave a white cloth at the back for the Savannah Sunset scene as described - it can be lit in other colours at other times during the show,


When it comes to the green jungle scene slide out some flats with the green trees etc painted on them. Also lighting the white cloth in green and projecting a gobo with branches or leaves on the cloth for a bit more of an effect.


However I am still chasing up a few leads


1) With regards renting a backdrop and

2) Possibly lending out either some costumes, lighting, sound or coms gear to a local theatre company in return for them loaning us some backdrops.

I will let you know how I get on.





P.S. I hope I am not going on with to much of an explanation, but all to often I see a new topic and in the end you end up wondering was the matter resolved, has anything anyone has said made a difference? Good or bad I will let you know.

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  • 1 month later...

I had a good result.  


I got the loan of two backdrops at the last minute.  


Unfortunately this was after I had already agreed to have two backdrops made up in China.  


However having said that I was very impressed buy the speed, quality & price of the backdrops from China.  


If you want custom backdrops made up for you, email them a picture or drawing and they will make it up for you.  


The only thing you need to do is make sure you treat the backdrops with Fire Retardant before you use them.


PM me if you are interested in having your own ones made up and I will be happy to pass on the contact I found in China.





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