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Dead Sirius 24


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Hi guys,


The desk at school is not as working as it should be. I was not present at the time but I am told this happened. The desk was not working at the back of the hall so was carried down to the front just in case it was the socket at the back. Upon carrying the desk down to the front and plugging it in, still nothing. No lights on the desk, no error messages, nothing. At this moment my mate realised there was a smell of burning and that the sides of the desk were very hot.


Took the bottom off it and there doesn't appear to be anything immediately visibly wrong with it. There is some yellow around the PSU board, and I did actually notice some what looked like black burns but that's it.


Spoke to the guy at the local lighting company (Richard Foster around these forums) and he reckons it could be a popped capacitor. Just wondering if anyone on here had any advances on that? I realise it's difficult without seeing it but didn't know if anyone else had a similar situation.








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If there is yellow around the PSU board, is it liquid or rust-like? Either way, it sounds like that could be the fault - both are pretty bad news as far as that component goes! I'd suggest giving Keith a call at the office on Monday on 01633 838088 - he'll be able to talk you through the problems and potential solutions.


Hope this helps,





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Another thought on this one Tom:


If it was just the power supply side that got hot then it was probably the transformer being overloaded - a mechanical or component short circuit. I think the transformers have a thermal fuse on them so this may have blown before the transformer became damaged. This would, however, mean that you have an overload somewhere else to cause this in the first place.


It's possible that the short is in the transformer windings but in my experience, it's usually further down the line.


Good luck.

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If it is the power supply then ptheboris may be able to source you a PSU from a dead(ish) Sirius 48.


Except the Sirius 24 and Sirius 48 had different PSU's and transformers!


It sounds like either the transformer or the TransOrb has failed on the power PCB - Zero may still be able to source transformers for the Sirius 24, so before you go any further talk to Keith (by either phone or eMail) but he's not in his office today, he's been giving me some (much needed) training :)

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