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Sennheiser G2 3.5mm Socket


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As many users of the Sennheiser G2 TX may have realized, the 3.5mm socket is usually the first part to break with repetitive connections. I am after the 3.5mm socket to solder onto the PCB myself. I have tried RS, Farnell, Rapid & Maplin with no luck. I know Sennheiser will do them if you ask nicely, but they charge quite a lot, so wondered if anyone had come across them?

Also, I have found that the barrel on the 3.5mm socket rotates freely. As I understand, it is designed to spin, so to prevent this the top metal casing is compressed onto the barrel using the 3.5mm spring washer and locking nut. With extensive use, the barrel will begin to spin, although the nut is tightened (apparently a common problem). I might add that I am using these mics for two shows a day, so the mic gets connected/disconnected once a day. Has anyone come across a solution to this?


I have searched the Blue Room forum but with no luck.


Many Thanks!

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Hi robertor, I work alot with the 100 and 300 G2's, I found that there never had a socket gone in any of the units and they have been used for the last 3 years, I did contact Sennheiser about the spinning rings, they told me that there was a prob with the first batch of TX's, the rings were to big, and they sent me new ones that work a treat, no more spinning and bangs from the TX units. hope this helps you (wow my first post!)
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