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LED Ropelight


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Sorry, don't know of any DMX controlled LED Ropelight, but we have managed to successfully dim it. If you can get hold of the 12vDC stuff and connect it to a normal birdie transformer with a fairly chunky bridge rectifier in between it dims quite convincingly. You might need to put a birdie onto the transformer as well just as a load lamp.


Hope this helps.



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Leggy! long time no see.


Funnily enough I was having a conversation about this stuff last week with Bryan Leitch. He was looking at some for a tour, but had issues with the price.

I believe that Showtec do a version - I think. (or at least a chinese brand operating under Showtec). It's sold through german and dutch companies as usual. Would be worth giving him a shout as he had more details on it.




have a look at this. Bit pricey though.


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