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know a good source of sound effects?


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Our school has just 5 CD s (one badly scratched) of sound effects and we are sick and tired of "Tractor approach, plough and pass" etc. I've seen sound effects on the web. Can anyone reccommend a good source? Specifically looking for WW1 battle effects at the moment, though other more diverse requirements will arise later. Of course we are willing to pay. ( For the effects, not the advice... though many thanks in advance for any suggestions that come)



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Local public libraries used to have SFX CD's that they lent out for free with a library card. They might still do so (I haven't needed to plum for sound effects for ages, as I ripped the ones I got from the Library onto minidisc! This was before CD ripping software I must point out!)
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Another very good source of paid-for effects is THE SOUND EFFECTS LIBRARY. Based in the UK, they can be a better source for non-American effects.


Besides Freesounds (who are very good) some other free sites are:





Don't discount recording your own--with a half decent mic and a freeware DAW on your computer you can often get exactly the right sound instead of trying to fit something from a library. Or, even with library sounds, editing, layering, pitch-shifting, etc. can make all the difference.



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bit of a random idea but here we go


If your school has adobe soundbooth on any of its computers. You can loads of high quality fxs off the software in the search bar then export whatever you want as mp3. If you dont have it then websites are the best best

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Heres a list I posted ages ago on a video related forum....

" A selection of useful Sound effect resources

Hope this keeps you going. I aim to update it and maybe even given more details about each link.




*I hope members from other forums appreciate the time took in creating this list and I ask them not to copy and paste it onto their forums. Thanks "


Sorry about the credit to random members tht you wont understand :o But you get the idea!

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