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Old Furse equipment


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I used a couple of different Furse models... my personal pet hate about them is the gel frame arrangement on the later models; the JPR1000 fresnels that I've used had two positions for gels; one of which would burn out gels in seconds and the other would give far too much light bleed to make them worthwhile using...


On a side note I just found an extremely dusty Furse branded PATT 23 complete with archaic and obscure lampholder (but at least a dozen spare bulbs) under what was previously our stage and I'm seriously considering cleaning it up and refurbishing it and giving it some playtime alongside our Selecon and (current) Strand fixtures; there are just some jobs that I couldn't envisage any other form of lantern for.


Yes, it looks abandoned and ancient... but those lanterns are still around for good reason; you don't find that sort of character in any of the modern 'black tube' designs!


Moderation: I've split this out of a resurrected ancient (2004) topic about the brand in general.

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Well the two old Patt 35 lanterns we had were painted, the yokes were attached to the door frame with coach bolts and sat upside down. They were then filled with soil and planted up.


Now, a Furse lantern may be a tad more tricky, but I quite like the idea of a hanging basket arangement. At last a way to stop the light leaking out of the holes!


There is a photo knocking about somewhere here of a parcan in a store room, but I am out of time to look for it...I will have a go when I get back tonight.

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