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GES Lampholders


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Hi all,


I've come across a few old bulbs that are perfect for a dance piece that I'll be lighting shortly, the only problem is that they are bulbs for the lamps that were used in our school hall long before my time (say 20-30 years before my time)... I'm having a hell of a time finding any lampholders suitable for cable-end mounting as the GES fitting is generally used for lanterns that require a ballast these days... (SOX/SON-T) and so all I can find are ceramic holders suitable for use in 'low bay' warehouse fittings for example.


Any ideas? :rolleyes:

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One of the church halls that I work in use GES lamps in the main hall, as far as I can remember from changing a lamp, they are not 'proper' pendant fittings, if I remember rightly it's a GES E40 ceramic socket, mounted on a small conduit end box, the lid holds the lampholder with a largish hole through the middle to bring the cables through, and the base has a basic gland and a eyebolt for a chain to take the weight of the fitting, there is also a flange for a large globe type glass shade, of which 3 of the 6 have long been lost /smashed.

I assume that you have seen theese

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I doubt that you will find a GES lampholder suitable for pendant use, directly attached to a flex or cable.


I would use a lampholder similar to the one linked to above. Fit the lampholder inside a suitable aluminium box, with a cut out through which the front of the lamp holder slightly protrudes.

The mains voltage connections at the rear of the lampholder will then be enclosed within the box, which of course must be earthed.

The supply flex should pass into the box via a suitable gland and strain relief, high temperature flex will be required.

Whilst it might be possible to safely suspend this by the flex, I would consider it better practice to use lightweight steel chain to take the weight.

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