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Synchro motor synchro prob


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Hello Chaps,


Have a couple of Acme winners which get used for club type events. When I start them up 1 scanner mirror is one notch out from the other on the tilt, so I have to tilt the whole lantern to get them in parallel. Is there an easy way of adjusting the motor so that they will start-synchronise together?

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I've never used these units, but if they're similar to ones I have used, this might work. Somewhere on the pan/tilt/mirror assembly there will be some type of physical pin or block that limits how far the mirror can move in each direction. When the unit calibrates during start up it will move until it hits one of these pins and then that becomes "point 0". By adjusting these pins you can adjust where each trait calibrates to and thus get both units perfectly in synch, if that made any sense.


Or these units could be completely different and then I have no idea.


Hope this helps!


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