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What's the best way to use a Sonic Maximiser?


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Hi all


Other than as a doorstop/paperweight/not at all, what's the best way to use a Sonic Maximiser? Immediately after the main desk L&R outputs? As an insert? On vocals? Kick drum? Guitar? I've already run out of effects sends on the desk.


Also what frequencies do Sonic Maximisers tend to boost/cut?





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I like to use them utilizing a high impendence air gap connection to the desk……………. :P




But seriously I have seen them used on kick channels to some good effect and also on bass. I personally have an aphex unit that I occasionally use on kick and bass it is just a case of seeing if you like it or not. Cant do any harm!




I would not really recommend using it strapped over the main LR of a desk (a sub group maybe at a push)

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