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Martin Downloadable Programs for Mania Range


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We are looking to invest in a small lighting rig comprising of 4 x SCX700 and 2 x SCX800 to provide dancefloor lighting at weddings etc where we provide the "live" entertainment.


To have more control of these lights we were looking at using a 2510 controller and downloading the programs that Martin make available on their website. Problem is that there doesn't appear to be anything available that incorporates the SCX800's.


As I understand it the programmes can be amended if you have Light Jockey so with the right knowledge and equipment encorporating the SCX800's would be achieveable.


It's not worth me investigating in a copy of Light Jockey and then learning how to use it for my limited requirements. So does anybody offer this type of service, where they could provide me with amended programmes and make them available on a 2510 for a reasonable fee? Or should I ditch this idea and learn how to create my own programs using a basic controller?


The equipment is a set deal so I can't swap the 800's for other effects from the Mania range which would have resolved the problem.


Any thoughts?

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It's been ages since I've done this but can't you program the 2510 with out buying an output dongle for light jockey? The actual program is a free download from the martin website and I have a notion in my mind that you program it with a serial cable?
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